POW Pool

Our POW mining pool is a service that allows to split the complex task of mining a new block into many small and simpler tasks and assign them to connected users' devices.

At the same time, the computing power of all users is combined and serves to solve a common big task, which significantly increases the probability of finding a new block, as compared to a single lifting device and even a few.

Since each user device, when solving the task assigned to it, contributes to the solution of the common task of finding the next block in the chain, the reward received by the pool is distributed among the pool members in proportion to their participation.

The decision to select the equipment for mining, the software used, the period of participation in the pool (the moment of connection and disconnection) remains with the user, which allows him to use the available mining resources as efficiently and flexibly as possible (for example, include mining only at night (low) rates, combine the connections of stations located in different locations, vary the software client used for mining, etc.).

Currently, even companies specializing in mining and owning hundreds and thousands of high-performance special equipment units use their own or third-party pools for mining. De facto, this is already the standard in cryptos and independent mining remains for the some new, exotic and little-spread coins.