Masternode sharing service

Those who want to invest in Masternodes but do not have enough money to buy enough coins for bail will have an opportunity to purchase shares in any project (coin) available in our service.

To do this, users usually combine their coins to acquire an expensive Masternode (or several ones). Firstly, this allows to participate in projects with the high "financial threshold" (the cost of a deposit for one server with the Mastenode). Secondly, even with sufficient funds to acquire one or two Masternodes, a large diversification of the "Masternode portfolio" is enabled through sharing, followed by its flexible adjustment. In addition, the participants of the sharing don’t have to worry about installing and setting up the Masternode, as well as selecting and configuring the hosting and some other duties.

All processes, including payments and rewards are automated for users.

Thanks to the mentioned advantages of the service, Masternode Sharing Service solutions are suitable for both professional investors and beginners.