Masternode ranking website (hereinafter referred to as MRW)

Most users involved in the Masternodes’ market need to compare projects and choose those that most closely match the criteria. Taking into consideration that 10 to 20 pages of new coins appear on every day, it is difficult to find a new promising coin and compare it with the rest. To do so, you have to go a long way of work.

For now, in order to get a more or less complete picture of the project and the coin associated with it, it is necessary to collect a lot of information on the volume of trade, the cost of the masternode, the profit per one masternode, the number of existing masternodes; the project's lifetime; the history of trading on the masternodes’ marketplace and the dynamics of various indicators, as well as to study information about the team: visit the team's website, project discord and Twitter. All these and some additional data can be collected from one source - the Masternode ranking website. In addition, our solution will allow you monitoring your own masternode with the required parameters.

To search for projects, you can set the parameters: ROI, Price, Change, Daily, Nodes, MN Worth, and others. For each selected coin, it is possible to open an additional page with more detailed information about it and links to the project.

Also, unlike the existing solutions, mobile applications for wallets will be launched, and the site itself will be adapted for mobile devices. Mobile applications along with the monitoring service will ensure higher involvement in the selection of coins, enhanced tracking and control over the portfolio of purchased coins and carryong out remote monitoring.

Due to the significantly increased popularity of the platform based on the Telegram, its channel will be connected to the MRW with the users’ notifications (technical, informational and news updates). The built-in voting for registered users should be considered as an additional feature. This will enable understanding the majority's opinion on the issues most pertinent to the community and participate in its formation (such as high-risk projects, low-profit projects, their comparison, advantages and disadvantages). Those users who invest not only in coins and Masternodes, but also actively participate in the acquisition of tokens, will be granted with the ICO-tracker section where they can receive information about the most interesting ICO projects that are currently being implemented or due to start in the near future (or recent projects for retrospective analysis).

Using the MRW will significantly reduce not only the time spent for the selection of projects for Masternodes’ launching, but most importantly, will reduce the time spent to monitor and manage already running nodes. We are counting on a wide audience and therefore ordinary users will obtain free access to our MRW service (in terms of monitoring our own Masternode programs). To list the project with a new coin on the MRW, its developers will need to pay for participation. After that, the participation of the coin (project) in the ranking will be free and it will be visible to all users. However, those developers who want to draw attention to their project will be able to avail marketing programs (including, but not limited to the placement of banners, highlighting the coins’ font and color, participation in loyalty programs and Airdrop). In addition to the listed services, all the coins added to the rating, will have additional services:

1. Masternode Hosting at an affordable cost.
2. One-click masternode setup service.
3. Masternode sharing service that refers to participating in the acquisition of a part of the masternodes and obtaining a proportional reward from their activities.

The availability of these services significantly reduces the "technical threshold” for new cons’ holders, as nowadays in order to become one, it is necessary to either master the domain, or to seek paid assistance from the specialists.

All types of paid services will be carried out using own coin, called Qabio. For convenience of transactions, there will be an option of converting the main cryptocurrency into a payment cryptocurrency.