One click masternode setup service and masternode hosting

As a service that accompanies the Masternode ranking website, we launch the One Click Masternode Setup. It is intended for those users who want to participate in the project with the selected coins but do not have sufficient knowledge in the sphere of servers, hosting and masternodes settings.

The need of providong this service is dictated by the fact that to date, the level of the user who can independently carry out all the required operations required to launch the Masternodes can be defined as "an advanced user / administrator". This significantly limits the opportunities for those people who do not possess the necessary knowledge / confidence in them. The current situation with outsiders assisting in setting up the Masternodes is extremely unsafe, as it involves access to the client's server of a person who is more experienced and not necessarily has good intentions. In fact, involving and external specialist in the process of setting up the masternodes is similar to requesting a passer-by to select and install a lock on the door from the safe where you will store the jewelry. Whether he will make a copy of your keys or have mercy on you, depends on his good faith.

The users of the One Click Masternode Setup will only need to select a coin and follow a simple, beginners-proof 3-5-point instruction. In this case, the program code for the installation will be obtained from the coin developers and the likelihood of interference by the outsiderss drops to zero.

After these simple actions are completed, the Masternode will be installed and launched, and the rewards will start to transfer to the user's account. Coins will be credited to the user's wallet, bypassing the One Click Masternode Service, which increases the security of its use.

In order to simplify your operations even more, we will be able to host your master data on our servers. This will save you from having to search for hosters, to select server hardware and to undertake software installation. All th required software "environment" will be available on our hosting and the number of necessary operations will be reduced to only few of them rather than of tens on usual hosting sites. Along with the One Click Masternode Setup service, this will be a unique solution for simplicity, reliability and speed!

Of course, all the masternodes launched using the One Click Masternode Setup service will be able to use the Masternode Ranking Website service in terms of monitoring and managing your nodes’ status.

All types of paid services will be carried out in own coin - Qabio. For the convenience of transactions, there will be an opportunity to convert the main cryptocurrency into a payment currency.