Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange is is the key player. It hosts the processes of the cryptocurrency exchange, coin quotations and various services for users. In addition, crypto-market is a special information resource, based on the use of servers and software.

Normally, as per the interaction procedure, first the user authenticates (or registers if applying for the first time). Then they can exchange, buy / sell or transfer digital assets and also get additional information services, including analytics tools, news digest, special notifications of events or comments’ newsfeed.

Like most existing ones, our exchange will provide an opportunity for free users registration. Depending on the volume of operations and their type, authentication of the account will be required in accordance with the regulatory principles of KYC and AML. There also will be a competitive rate for the listing of the cryptocurrency.

Commission fees for operations with crypto-currencies are expected to be the main source of the first income from the Crypto-Currency Exchange. However, in the future we plan to increase the revenues generated by additional services.