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Qabio is the first project combining a cryptocoin with the best technologies and host of services.

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Why was Qabio born?

We are launching this project, because we believe that the cryptocurrency has already experienced the first stage of its development and it's time to move on to more advanced technologies. The first solutions in the cryptosphere, including Bitcoin and similar coins, contained significant flaws, which became obvious only after the huge popularization of cryptocurrencies. This is the speed of transactions in the crypto network, the size of commissions for small payments and energy costs associated with the mining of coins. These aspects are subject to criticism from classical financial institutions and regulators, the reason for manipulating the consciousness of people and setting them against cryptocurrencies. It's time to correct the "errors of growth" of cryptocurrency technologies and create a new world without dictatorship and prohibitions, without central banks and currency dogmas.

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What new?

Our team

The composition of our star team would make the most picky headhunters envious. We understand perfectly why the members of the team chose to remain anonymous - nobody wants to fend off annoying proposals "to look at a promising project of creating a new Internet box," instead of doing what they love. And the strength of the team is not only that it consists of experienced professionals who have repeatedly achieved success and recognition, but rather in the atmosphere of mutual assistance and understanding that we managed to create. After all, the experience of such a campaign as Google shows that the friendly relations and moral spirit of the team allows people to discover more in the professional sphere. The initiative, curiosity, the desire to experiment and develop, the absence of fear of the new and unexplored - these are the qualities that we all share and will welcome new participants.

Inside our team, the distribution of the director / manager / janitor is not dominant, and the principle of the "internal community", where everyone leads the site assigned to him and most of the important decisions made, are at least discussed among competent participants. Even in the management model of the team, we are trying to translate the same principle of decentralization that we preach in our coin and which is inherent in all the cryptoworld.

  • Jackie Rikvan Main developer

    Jackie Rikvan is the main developer of Qabio. He has got 10 years of experience in C ++ development and has been working closely with Golang for the last 3 years.

  • Anastasia Kemsky Commercial director

    Commercial director Anastasia Kemsky has covered the path from an ordinary sales executive to a sales manager for a major IT company in the US.

  • Huan Zhuntanu Fullstack developer

    Huan Zhuntanu is the Fullstack developer with the 13-year experience in the industry. He works with C ++, Delphi, PHP, JavaScript and has experience in developing blockchain projects.

  • Arthur Soltisus Mobile applications developer

    Arthur Soltisus is the mobile applications developer with the main working languages of Java and C ++ as well as with more than 5 years experience in the IT.

  • Alex Morgan Sales & Marketing

    Alex Morgan is the head of public relations and social channels. Being an active professional, she is absolutely in love with her field of activity.

  • Bogdan Jurowski Android developer

    Bogdan Jurowski is the Android developer with 5-year experience in application development who has developed a mobile application with more than 30,000 downloads.